Thank you, Sunshine Foundation. Thanks for giving us this platform. We have learned many social abilities which we are not able to get from school or books. We became curious and interested and have harvested knowledge and friendships. We ourselves have been helped while offering our care to society and helping others. We also feel the warmth of what it feels like to love and be loved. At Sunshine Foundation we have opportunities to participate in various large scale performances to broaden our outlook and strengthen our confidence. We have found proper stages for us! Walking into business and enterprises have enabled us to acquire different knowledge and increase our practical ability. We have found self-confidence. In the subject club we have opportunities to be activity organizers, studying, planning, arranging, coordinating, assisting and helping. We have like-minded friends and together we can do what we like. We like all the activities in Sunshine Foundation. We feel at home. Come on, please join us to pass love.
Partnership with top 500 organizations from other walks of life like business, education, arts and charity institutions. Tailor-made: Classes suitable for teenagers with the focus on fostering youth leaders and world leaders in future. Professional planning, promoting and training. By different social activities students gain rich growth experiences in happiness, acquire endurance willpower, and have their leadership forged. The club is the venue for the practicum of pro skills and the cradle for leaders. AC international education group loves and supports– youth business projects: Help teenagers learn corporate training and marketing, leading us into the community, practicing and challenging ourselves; From the office to the community, under the hot sun, we go one by one from door to door to do marketing, research, and promotions; At the beginning, I was rejected many times by customers due to my shyness; Finally, we learned how to pursue customers and gain success skills. Our happiness comes from challenging ourselves and getting good comments from customers.


To foster teenagers’ caring contributions and spirits, responsibilities and missions; to help them maximize their talents and potential; to improve their professional ability through various activities and competitions at club; at the same time accomplish volunteer hours for secondary education. To harvest professional knowledge and leadership abilities and social practical abilities.